Charter Leader: Tina Limon

jen-hollar-200x300Tina Limon, along with her husband, Sergio Limon, are founders and Senior Pastors of Elevate Life Church in Sacramento, Ca. They have been married for 14 years and have 3 beautiful children. Tina has a passion and desire to not only help people, but to love, and encourage people to reach their full potential in who they are in Christ. Tina leads by serving at Elevate Life in many capacities. Tina loves to see the family as a whole built up, and encouraged by being a part of the local church.

As a child and into her teenage years, Tina encountered tremendous hardships. Finding herself in a place where there seemed to be no hope, the one thing Tina held on to was the LOVE of GOD. She now shares her testimony as a tool to reach the lost and connect others to God as their father.

Pastor Tina has faithfully served in ministry for 18 years. Tina, her husband, and three children believe they are called to raise up a group of people who will Love God first and live to lift others.


7350 Palmer House Dr Sacramento, CA 95828

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