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Be Bold! Be Sure! Be Fearless!

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Why are so many people so hesitant to take action in life? We are afraid to fail, afraid that something might not work out, afraid of what people might think! We are afraid, period. This is such a shame. The Bible clearly tells us in II Timothy 1:7 that we have not been given the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. Our Heavenly Father is not so concerned with our screw ups. He is not so concerned with what we don’t do. He is concerned with what we DO! He is concerned with our actions, specifically how we serve others and how we advance His Kingdom.

I think we focus way too much on our own behavior, worried about making sure we do things right and don’t screw up. We fail to recognize that God’s grace is sufficient for all the screw ups! Do you live in a state of fear? The dangerous thing about fear is that it paralyzes us. We get paralyzed into doing nothing. I believe that God truly desires for us to live and to live in a big way! He wants us to be bold! He wants us to be sure! He wants us to be fearless! I believe He knows we will screw up and make mistakes along the way, and I believe He is way less concerned about that than we are! Why? Because He knows when we begin to take action, we can truly make a difference. He knows what we are capable of and He created all of us to do great things! You see, in Him, we are all perfected and our weaknesses are made strong!

We have a purpose in life, to advance His Kingdom. Do not let fear stop you from doing this! You can do this in big ways and small ways. You can do this by listening to others, by being encouraging, by inviting people to church, by showing others grace, love and understanding. We can all live each day in a big way by simply trying to make life better for other people. I encourage you today to make it a goal that each night when you go to sleep you can say to yourself you gave everything you encountered that day your all. Don’t just rise to the occasion in life in the big moments. Rise to the occasion each and every day! Put it all out there. Decide to GO BIG! Don’t be afraid to try. In fact, decide to remove fear from your life. I bet you will shock yourself at all you can accomplish.


Ladies – This is who God designed you to be!

Love you! XOXO




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