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One Woman. One Cause. One Revolution.

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It’s the weekend (YEA!!), and I am sitting here enjoying my morning and getting my hair done. Every girl needs a few moments to pamper themselves; and thankfully my husband agrees, so he has my darling Emery for the morning. Ben, my hairstylist and friend, and I are here chatting about the upcoming One Women’s Conference. What an incredible time it is going to be! As he scanned through the advertisement, he casually asked me the who’s, what’s and why’s of the conference, which prompted me to share with you.

One Women’s Conference was birthed in my heart nearly two years ago. My mom and I started planning an event for women – moms, daughters, singles, married, young and old – where we could come together as a community and celebrate the power and beauty of being a woman of God. We envisioned a time where we could learn, laugh, serve, and love each other in an environment where God’s presence would be undeniable.

Ladies, One Women’s Conference is going to be that and so much more! When I lost my mom, a passion was birthed in my heart to share the magnitude of what she taught me with other women. My mother was so full of life that she literally could captivate a room. Her presence was so big that she simply could not be ignored. Her impact on me and countless others was astounding. Her legacy is something I pray every day mine will mirror. In losing her, I feel compelled to bring alive the incredible power of who she was in the women God has so graciously placed in my path. So, this coming October, we will all come together to honor the woman she was, to celebrate the wisdom and knowledge she taught, and to be empowered to live our lives as she did, driven by a cause.

One Woman. One Cause. One Revolution.

This is the theme of our conference. Ben asked me, “What was your mom’s cause?” It truly was to teach people how to live the life God wanted them have. For women, her cause was to show women that they could each stand strong, accomplish much, impact many, and truly make the world a better place. She walked through life confident that she was equally called and equally capable and that her life was just as valuable as anyone else’s. And, it was! She wanted women to believe in themselves, to live empowered and determined.

I am so honored and excited to pursue the legacy of my amazing mother. She truly is a legend in my eyes! Will you join with me? Will you pick up the cause and carry it on?

The countdown begins! We are less than a month away! One Sisterhood will be birthed in El Paso, Texas, on October 2, 2013! I pray you will be a part of it!

ONE SISTERHOOD– Women of all ages bonded together through their love of Christ, empowered with a cause to revolutionize their world!

ONE SISTERHOOD– Women solidified in true friendships, committed to walking through life together,loving and strengthening each other as we act as ONE!

One Woman. One Cause. One Revolution. 
Don’t miss out! Be the ONE!
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