Charter Leader: Heather Hollar

Heather Hollar and her husband, Eric, pastor One Cause Church in McKinney, TX and Dallas, TX. They have three children who all serve alongside them in ministry. Heather oversees many of the teams and events at the church as well as operates as the church administrator. Heather desires to see people operate in the gifts that God has given them and realize their purpose and potential in the kingdom of God. She also wants to help people have a better understanding of the love and grace that God has for them.
We are so excited to have One Cause Church as part of One Sisterhood!

Pastor Tina has faithfully served in ministry for 18 years. Tina, her husband, and three children believe they are called to raise up a group of people who will Love God first and live to lift others.


5082 Baxter Well Rd, McKinney, TX 75070